Ever since I was a sophomore in college I’ve had an on campus job! I’ve been a sound and event technician, community ambassador for student activities, an event and conferences services employee and now I’m the summer conference operations assistant for event and conference services as well as an academic building manager during the active school year!

I’ve had a ton of different experiences while working all these different jobs, each having their pros and cons. However, my experience with my on campus jobs has been much more rewarding than I could have ever imagined so I wanted to share my three main reasons why I think people should take advantage of on-campus employment during their time as college students!

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Sunday’s are super important to me for several reasons. It’s the only day of the week where I know I’m not working at any of my three jobs, I have the entire day to do whatever I need to do in order to fully prepare for the next week, and I can even decide to do absolutely nothing if I really feel like it or need to.

All in all, Sunday is a day where I ensure I take time to myself. That being said, I’ve started developing a few simple Sunday habits that have helped me start my week off in the best mindset possible, only setting me up for success in the upcoming week!

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I’ve always loved music and have been fascinated with how much impact one song can have on someone’s life. When I was 15/16, I was going to probably one to two concerts a month, it would have been even more if I had been able to drive and had my own car, but I still have literally lost count of how many total concerts I’ve been to since I was that age!

I was that person who camped out on the sidewalk from 8am the morning of the show, spending the day wandering whatever city area I was in for the day, hoping to meet whatever band I was seeing that night during the day. I’d make up fake stories just to be able to get into meet and greets (whoops, but it worked!!!), wait for hours in the cold after concerts praying for a low-quality picture with band members, and spend money I shouldn’t have on gifts for these band members.

I feel like rambling at this point, but my point behind that tidbit was from that age on I felt more strongly connected to certain songs and artists. Suffering from depression and anxiety in high school, I even got a letter sent home because I was missing so much school – because I couldn’t even bear to get out of bed. Since then, I’m thankfully much better but owe a lot of my will power through the last few years to certain songs.

My favorite thing about music is its ability to immediately take you to somewhere else, alleviating you from the current thoughts that you feel are consuming you. That’s why I wanted to share with you all my list of 10 songs that help ease anxiety…

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While starting the new semester can seem like a bummer, I always get a little excited about stocking up on anything necessary I need to make it through the next few months. This ranges from makeup and skincare, school supplies, clothes, really anything! I feel like it’s vital to go through your stuff and determine what you need to buy before the semester begins, so you’re not scrambling at the second, plus you’ll just feel more prepared!

These are few things I had to pick up before the start of my spring semester…

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When I found out I got an internship for the spring, one of the first things that I thought about what the heck I was going to wear. This is my first internship so I didn’t really have that many business / business casual type clothes, stuff that I could wear in an office! While I had made a past trip to Nordstrom rack and picked up a Harlow & Graham three-quarter-length sleeve blazer and Michael Kors dress pants, that was about all I had to work with. I had a few nice blouses from past retail jobs like Maurice’s and the Lauren Conrad Kohl’s collection, but I needed work clothes!

My main goal while shopping for work clothes was to try to find things for as cheap as possible, but still getting the job done. With this in mind, I headed straight to the clearance section in every store (which is MASSIVE right now everywhere with end of the year sales). I needed warm, comfortable and business casual clothes that weren’t too expensive. Luckily, I got some good finds…

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As the spring semester and starting my very first internship approaches (this is my last free week before my internship starts next week!), my anxiety is starting to slowly creep up on me more and more each day.

I know many other students feel the same way when it’s time to start another semester, new job, etc. Sometimes professors will post the syllabus before we actually meet on the first class, giving students the low-down on what the class is going to be like and what assignments there will be. When I read these, I tend to begin worrying about group projects and who would be in my group, what I’d do if I didn’t know anyone in the class, where I would even sit in the classroom, the tiniest things!

Going into my last semester of college, I’m not too anxious about my classes this semester. Instead, all of my worrying has been about my internship that begins next week. What am I going to do with a full hour lunch break? What if the employees hate me? What kind of projects are they going to have me working on? What if I even end up not liking it? Am I going to be too overdressed or underdressed? While I’m (REALLY) excited to start my internship and get a foot in the door in my career world, I’m just as nervous and scared!

The days leading up to a new semester, job or internship tend to be really stressful, anxiety-filled and overall just not enjoyable for me. However, I wanted to write about the ways I’ve started to cope with these feelings as I know beginning new and scary things is just a part of life now!

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January is a moth full of so many different things. You’re exhausted from all the holidays and just want to sleep for a week, classes for spring semester are starting before you know it, and it’s colder than you could have ever imagined. However, I think it’s important to time just before the new year to make sure I’m stocked up on anything I may need in the upcoming months.

That being said, I was able to pick up some of my favorite products before the new year or in early January. I wanted to share them with you guys because I couldn’t live without them in 2018!


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One of the most annoying things about being a college student is the absurd amount of money we have to pay the textbooks necessary for our classes. What’s even more annoying is the mandatory $100 you have to pay for a MyMathLab code for your math class! (If your professor doesn’t deal with MyMathLab – consider yourself lucky!)

Regardless of someone’s major, everyone in college is still paying out the wazoo for their mandatory textbooks. When I was a freshman, the only thing I knew about buying textbooks was to avoid using the University bookstore at all cost. The school bookstore ripped students off, overprice the books and it’s like fighting an army of confused college students within the isles of all the books trying to locate the ones you do need.

After my first semester as a freshman back in 2013, I refused to pay full price for textbooks if I could. However, everyone will have those mandatory science or math courses that require a lab fee and the purchase of a paper envelope that only contains the code for online lab access – which is usually right around $100, if not more.

There is no way to get around these fees for the codes, but if you’re in a major that doesn’t require many math classes or lab-based classes, you should only have to purchase these code maybe three-four times tops while you’re in undergrad.

When I no longer had to purchase those overly-expensive codes for math classes, I was able to get the total I spent on textbooks each semester to be ~$80! There were two main ways I was able to find all my necessary textbooks for this cheap:

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In 2013, the American Psychological Association  found that 41.6% of college students put anxiety at their biggest concern.

Essentially, almost half of college students are saying anxiety is a major issue for them. Thats a huge amount of students feeling overwhelmed, worrisome, uncomfortable and even possibly unmotivated.

I struggled with both anxiety and depression throughout high school and unfortunately ended up getting even worse in college. However, I’d say within the past year and a half or so I put some major time and effort into focusing on myself, self care, and trying to change from a mostly negative person. (I’m proud to say I’m a lot better now, though!)

Starting a self care routine for myself set time aside on my best and worst days to ~cleanse~ myself of the day and focus on getting a good nights sleep, which is vital for me to have a good next day.

Here’s why I think starting a self care routine can be so beneficial:

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Note: I am in no way sponsored by Passion Planner (a dream, though!), just writing about how this amazing product had such a positive impact in my life! 

I have to admit, when I started college I had no idea how to go about getting organized. Did I want to use separate binders for every class, separate folders? What about using one big five subject notebook? Will my professors even hand out papers? More importantly, what kind of daily planner was I going to need to keep myself on track with assignments and deadlines while staying organized?

(I now use loose-leaf paper for lecture and reading notes in every class and put those inside one big binder with dividers between all of my classes – I love it!)

I went through my fair share of different planners from the Bloom Daily planners, Lilly Pulitzer agendas (loved this one too, very cute and had tons of room in the medium size for everyday writing!) before finding my holy grail – Passion Planner.

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