Note: I am in no way sponsored by Passion Planner (a dream, though!), just writing about how this amazing product had such a positive impact in my life! 

I have to admit, when I started college I had no idea how to go about getting organized. Did I want to use separate binders for every class, separate folders? What about using one big five subject notebook? Will my professors even hand out papers? More importantly, what kind of daily planner was I going to need to keep myself on track with assignments and deadlines while staying organized?

(I now use loose-leaf paper for lecture and reading notes in every class and put those inside one big binder with dividers between all of my classes – I love it!)

I went through my fair share of different planners from the Bloom Daily planners, Lilly Pulitzer agendas (loved this one too, very cute and had tons of room in the medium size for everyday writing!) before finding my holy grail – Passion Planner.

The very first Passion Planner I bought was the Black Classic. This planner is a lot larger than the compact planners I decided to transition to. The main reason I decided to make the transition was just because the compact was lighter to carry around in my already-back-breaking bookbag on a daily basis.


Why is this planner so great? Because the layout is designed to help you set long term goals and break them down into smaller, monthly, weekly and daily steps. The way Passion Planner is set up allows anyone to set any kind of goal for any period of time, allowing them to easily manage their daily activities to ensure they’re actively working towards their goal everyday.

I had a goal set to raise my GPA in order to be admitted into my screen major of Mass Communications, and utilizing the Passion Planner allowed me to accomplish this goal, since I’m graduating this coming May!

I love the hourly set up of everyday because it lets me mark up when exactly I have class everyday and for how long. I think the best thing about Passion Planner is the ability it gives you to easily visually plan out your upcoming day or week. Being able to add in lunch/dinner dates, group project work time, studying time, and other appointments directly when they’re going to happen is really beneficial when trying to stay on time with anything.

I really wanted a planner that gave me room to be creative, because who doesn’t love washi tape, doodling or stickers?! I also needed a planner that helped me get organized, and also gave me enough room to write down all my upcoming assignments, daily assignments, work schedule, weekly appointments and other random thoughts. Both the Passion Planner Classic or Compact has more than enough room in the weekly layouts, in my opinion!

This was my weekly layout once I transitioned to the smaller Black Compact Passion Planner. As you can see, it’s a lot smaller but still has plenty of room to plan your entire day out and have plenty of left over space. However, I was still pretty boring when it came to designing my weekly layout.


Recently, this past December I made the awesome discovery of the #PashFam on Instagram! In short, #PashFam is a hashtag for Passion Planner users to use and share their ideas of weekly layouts, sticker designs from etsy shops, planning inspiration and motivation, literally anything Passion Planner related!

For 2018 I decided to switch it up and go with the Compact Blue Blossom Sunday start. Some planners will now run Mon-Sun which is new for Passion Planner!


(Isn’t it so cute?!)

As soon as I saw this color and design on Passion Planner’s website, I knew I had to order it! Before the new year I stocked up on some super cute stickers from Amazon you can find here and from my favorite Passsion Planner sticker etsy shop, PlanningByShannon!

Here is my first week of 2018 in my Compact Blue Blossom:


I decided to try something new this year and utilize the free PDF downloads Passion Planner provides upon purchase to track my weekly water intake, and added more cute stickers this time around. As you can see, I’ve changed up my routine while I’m planning a bit, at least while I’m on winter break from college. Adding in my chores for the day along with what I also did that day (went shopping, errands, binged netflix) I’ve decided is an effective way for me to get done what I want to get done, while allowing me to look back on what happened each day.

I’ve decided to add in daily lists of self care I need to do, such as taking daily medications, putting on lotion before bed, actually eating breakfast (I’m TERRIBLE at this) and reading my book. It may seem dumb but the feeling of crossing it off in the planner when I’ve done it is great! So far, I’ve kept pretty up to date with this since starting to do it.

I’m sure my weekly layouts will change in the next few weeks once I begin my internship and classes start back up, but I plan on setting time aside each week to specifically work on my planner and the upcoming week.

So, tell me friends, what planner do you use on a daily basis? Do you think planners actually help you get things done? What are your favorite planner accessories? Do you think you’d give Passion Planner a try?! Let me know in the comments!


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