January is a moth full of so many different things. You’re exhausted from all the holidays and just want to sleep for a week, classes for spring semester are starting before you know it, and it’s colder than you could have ever imagined. However, I think it’s important to time just before the new year to make sure I’m stocked up on anything I may need in the upcoming months.

That being said, I was able to pick up some of my favorite products before the new year or in early January. I wanted to share them with you guys because I couldn’t live without them in 2018!


Hunter Boots & Blanket Scarves


Okay so I have to admit, I bought my Hunter boots back in the summer so technically I guess they’re not a January favorite. BUT, it’s been SO COLD outside recently and actually snowed a bit here in Maryland, so I’ve gotten to put them to good use.

While the boots are pricey and at first I even thought they were not that attractive, they’ve since grown on me and are the best boots I’ve ever purchased. I love them so much because they’re perfect for rain, snow, mud, EVERYTHING! I wear them even on just cold, clear winter days with boot socks because they’re that warm and cozy. I cannot recommend these boots more to anyone! While they feel a bit heavy at first, you quickly get used to it and they’re perfect for walking campus on those rainy days – keeping your feet warm and dry! Here is where you can find the boots I got and here are the boot socks I LOVE! I was actually back in Nordstrom last night and found this Hunter Boot rubber buffer  and boot shine, I have the matte Hunter boots so I double checked with an associate that this wouldn’t harm my boots or anything like that, and they said no! I tried finding these products on Nordstrom’s website but couldn’t, so I’ve linked them through the Hunter Boots website.

Another January necessity for me has been blanket scarves. I actually got a really huge and fuzzy one from Steve Madden as a Christmas gift from my mom, but my current favorite is this one from WalMart! They’re so cute, versatile and warm! It’s been super cold here recently and this scarf has kept me warm whenever I’ve been forced to leave the house. The scarf I linked is actually on sale right now for $5.88, when I originally got it for $10! Check out all the different colors, too! Here’s me wearing the scarf I linked on Thanksgiving:

Vera Wang Princess Perfume

vera wang

I actually first got this perfume in the 8th grade, no joke. I can remember hugging someone in the hallway of skinny green lockers, wearing a Hollister shirt and pooka shell necklace (thinking I was the next Lauren Conrad or something), receiving compliments on how good I smelled.

I ran out of the perfume probably early freshman year of high school, and never got it again since. I moved onto Versace Bright Crystal (which I still ADORE, but don’t adore the price) when I worked at Sephora. For a bit I was working shifts on the fragrance wall as the fragrance consultant, so in downtime I would just smell all the different perfumes we had available.

I was still always drawn back to Vera Wang’s princess, for whatever reason. My Aunt actually asked me if I was interested in getting a perfume for Christmas, so I casually mentioned Vera Wang’s Princess. She actually gifted me this set, which is ahhhh-mazing! The shower gel smells like light apple and water lily, along with the lotion and the perfume. That set linked is currently on sale for $25, so grab it while you can!

Too Faced White Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette

white chocolate bar

Okay so I debated on buying this palette for a long time. When it comes to me and eyeshadow, I tend to stick to champagne like colors, browns, nothing too drastic – because I’m so pale! I actually bought the Chocolate Bar Palette (the palettes really do smell like chocolate!) back in high school, and it’s still my favorite out of all five eyeshadow palettes I have!

I loved the colors in this palette because most of them will go perfectly with my pale face! All the colors in this palette are great because they’re light, blendable and so versatile! I was hesitant to buy this because it received a lot of negative reviews on YouTube and on Sephora’s website (not sure if this was a Sephora exclusive, I never checked Ulta for this one, whoops!). However, every so often there would be a five star comment saying this palette was perfect for fair skinned girls looking for an everyday palette. Too Faced actually ran a sale right before Christmas where most of their palettes were 50% off, so I went ahead, took my chance and ordered the White Chocolate Bar.

I was so pleasantly surprised! It’s so easy to create great, quick everyday looks with this palette which is important to me because while I enjoy doing my makeup, I don’t want to spend forever on it on days I have class.


While it’s currently sold out on Too Faced’s website, I encourage everyone to shop around for this palette when it’s back in stock!

What products are your favorite for the month of January? Is there something you cannot leave the house without? Let’s chat in the comments!

*Note: I am not affiliated with any of these brands or products, just sharing what I’m loving this month!* 

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