When I found out I got an internship for the spring, one of the first things that I thought about what the heck I was going to wear. This is my first internship so I didn’t really have that many business / business casual type clothes, stuff that I could wear in an office! While I had made a past trip to Nordstrom rack and picked up a Harlow & Graham three-quarter-length sleeve blazer and Michael Kors dress pants, that was about all I had to work with. I had a few nice blouses from past retail jobs like Maurice’s and the Lauren Conrad Kohl’s collection, but I needed work clothes!

My main goal while shopping for work clothes was to try to find things for as cheap as possible, but still getting the job done. With this in mind, I headed straight to the clearance section in every store (which is MASSIVE right now everywhere with end of the year sales). I needed warm, comfortable and business casual clothes that weren’t too expensive. Luckily, I got some good finds…


Okay, so I hardly ever actually go to Kohl’s but really do love the store and all the possible good finds there. Also, Kohl’s cash. ‘Nuff said. One time in high school I even went to Kohl’s on Black Friday, saw basically everyone I knew and their extended family, but more importantly found the cutest black booties from Lauren Conrad that went with absolutely everything (they have since gone MIA since moving around in college ): ……). Usually, almost every time I go there I’m able to find something on clearance that was exactly what I was looking for!

While I’ve never gone there on the hunt for business casual tops and bottoms, I got lucky!


This sweater is so soft and warm, perfect for the rest of the winter season in the office! It doesn’t hang off the shoulder, it’s actually a more relaxed cowl neck once on.

(I discovered by tripod was broken when I went home last weekend so I couldn’t take any pics of what the outfits would look like on, but once I wear them I’ll have photos! Apologies! <3)

I threw away all the tags and dry cleaned these finds before writing this (was not thinking) but I know this top was under $15 in the clearance section.

I ended up also finding two pairs of shorts for $3.00 each, and a dress for a wedding I’m going to in April for $11.00 that was originally $68.00!!!! I could not pass that up!

I also wanted to find more work pants, and I picked up this pair of Candie’s bootcut pants that will go with everything. They were the only thing regular price for $48.00, but they are buy one get one half off!


Ahh, the holy grail. I went to Target on the hunt for some basic business casual button up tops that I could tuck into pants and wear with a cardigan or blazer. While I thought I wasn’t going to have much luck, the clearance section was actually where I had my best luck!


I found both of these button ups in the clearance section! They’re both comfortable and not too tight which is exactly what I was looking for. Both of these tops together totaled $25.


I also picked up a basic, thick, warm black cardigan that was also on clearance for $14. I thought it would be perfect for the days I don’t feel like wearing blazer and could instead go for a scarf and plain button up! It would also be perfect to just bring along in case I get cold while wearing the above blouses, too.


I didn’t expect to really find anything in here, but my mom made me go in because you never know!! We started browsing the shoes section because I also threw away the only flats I had because they made my ankles bleed every. single. time. I wore them. We spent a good amount of time looking through the clearance section, and I actually found something really comfortable!


These flats are memory foam and were originally $80.00, while I got them for $27.00! I would probably be more comfortable in a size 5.5, but they don’t fall off my heel when I walk and that was my main worry. I cannot be walking around the office worrying about walking a certain way so my flat doesn’t flop with every step I take, and these solve that worry! The memory foam is also a nice touch, I can’t lie!

Be so good they can't ignore you

While I’m still on the hunt for a blush pink blazer and a few more shirts and some pants, I was still happy with these finds! I feel a lot more prepared for my internship after finding these few things. I was freaking out because I hated the only pair of flats I had and barely had enough clothes to put together an entire business casual outfit! Moral of this blog post: the clearance section is always a good idea. Where have you guys had luck finding business casual clothes? Let me know in the comments and be sure to follow me on Instagram to see how I end up styling all these clothes during my internship!

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