While starting the new semester can seem like a bummer, I always get a little excited about stocking up on anything necessary I need to make it through the next few months. This ranges from makeup and skincare, school supplies, clothes, really anything! I feel like it’s vital to go through your stuff and determine what you need to buy before the semester begins, so you’re not scrambling at the second, plus you’ll just feel more prepared!

These are few things I had to pick up before the start of my spring semester…

First stop: Dick’s Sporting Goods

While this typically isn’t on my everyday shopping radar, I got a Dick’s gift card from my brother for Christmas. However, I knew I needed three things: a decent rain jacket, a new lid for my Yeti tumbler and a new bookbag .

I knew I wanted a North Face rain jacket, so I went straight there while looking. I had already looked online and the North Face Stinson rain jacket and had my eyes on that specific one.


I found the rack of them, tried it on, and loved it! I have more than enough room to wear a hoodie or sweater underneath during the colder months, and it’s still light and breathable for the warmer rainy days! However, once I got home and tried the jacket on again, I realized I had actually picked up and bought a MEN’S small Stinson rain jacket, that was for whatever reason, on the rack with the women’s. I was originally going to get a different color, but put it back on the rack and picked up this all black small jacket – which just so happened to be a men’s.

I’m not returning it and I’m still really content with my jacket! However, if I had a women’s it would probably be a little more fitted but it’s a rain jacket and I’ll more than likely be wearing layers underneath so I don’t really mind.

I also picked up a new lid for my Yeti tumbler I got for Christmas, since it came with a lid that didn’t have any way to close the top of it. I didn’t want to have to worry about holding it perfectly level while walking campus to class in a rush or anything like that, so I wanted something that closed. This Yeti MagSlider lid I found was exactly what I was looking for! Plus, for $10 buying the lid was still reasonable since Yeti tumblers and cups themselves are pretty pricey.


I was so mad when it happened, but the zipper on the Roxy bookbag I’ve been using the last few semesters broke. I was even at work walking campus when it happened, which made matters even worse. And made me even more frustrated. However, I got lucky and found this Under Armour bookbag on sale online for $40. It has SO MUCH room, a laptop holder, and even a pocket on the bottom specifically made to hold a pair of shoes, and it really does! It’s a great bookbag for any college student on the go, but perfect for someone who is more athletic and carries a change of clothes around to workout in at some point in the day.


Second stop: Ulta

While I love buying new makeup and skincare, I hate actually spending the money on it. There are only a few times where I’ll really splurge on a product, otherwise I just continue to stock up on my ride or die products I use basically everyday during the week.

This semester I needed two things: moisturizer and setting spray.

My current favorite moisturizer is Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel because it’s super hydrating and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated! I know this product has been around forever, but I only just recently got around to trying it and fell in love! I use this every morning and night, and typically right before I’m about to put on makeup.

Clinique is also a great brand to try out if you’re someone with sensitive skin because they were the first allergy-tested and dermatologist-driven brand! Meaning their products were designed and created not to cause breakouts and reactions in your skin.

Another necessity for me during the week is makeup setting spray. My holy grail is Urban Decay’s setting spray. Whenever I forget to use this once I’m finished my makeup, I can always notice it begin to flake and wear off throughout a long day. However, using this makes my makeup stay on my face for basically a full 24 hours. No joke. I’m not sure what ingredient makes this setting spray glue your makeup to your face, but it’s amazing for those long days on campus or at work when you want to maintain your look all day long.

Whenever I’m getting ready for a long day filled with classes, studying then working I CANNOT live without this setting spray. I’ve tried other brands before but this Urban Decay setting spray is my personal favorite!

Third stop: Etsy & Michaels

I bunched these two together because I bought the same thing from both places: planner/agenda essentials.


I wanted to make my planner look more pretty so I’d start to use it more and more everyday, so I found new washi tape from Michaels. These packs were buy one get one free, with one priced at $14.00. I thought these were great finds because there were SO MANY different kinds/patterns of washi tape to choose from and the tape included in each pack had different sizes in it!

Also while in Michaels, I picked up some new pens for my planner. I grabbed these two Micron pens in sizes .08 and .05. While browsing the Micron pens, there were these fun, glittery gel pens right next to them which caught my eye. So of course, I had to grab one as well. I was shocked because this gel pen doesn’t run or bleed through the pages! It writes really smooth and I love the color! I’d love to pick up an entire pack of these gel pens. Micron pens are a staple for all planner users, as the pens write easily and well and don’t bleed through the pages. The pens I’m using currently I know are getting low on ink so I wanted to stock up now before I ran out in the middle of the week three weeks into the semester.


I also picked up these stickers that were motivational and functional, while still super cute. I love using these because they add a great pop of color onto your planner/agenda page, making it a lot more enjoyable to use and look at.

I have a really bad current obsession with two Etsy shops that make stickers specifically for Passion Planner. I recently found CSillustrations and absolutely love her stickers! My all time favorite sticker shop is PlanningByShannon! I’m also a part of the monthly book club + email subscription on Shannon’s website, planningbyshannon.com. If you’re looking for a great online book club and some great information regarding Passion Planners – Shannon’s website is my personal favorite! Both of these Etsy shops are ran by super nice girls who are just all around awesome! Shipping is always reasonable AND they always include a TON of fun freebies with every order! (seriously, it’s amazing and so sweet!!!) I love the stickers from these shops because they are SO CUTE, functional and effective. Plus, I’d rather support someone’s personal business than just giving mass amounts of money to Michaels every so often. Using the stickers from these Etsy shops makes using my Passion Planner that much more enjoyable, effective and easier!

That being said, everyone’s new semester essentials will be different! But my advice to everyone is to take time before every semester begins to determine anything you need to buy before the semester begins so you’re fully prepared and ready to go at the start of classes! I don’t start classes for spring semester until the 29th, which is why this post is coming now, but I know mostly everyone else is already back. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my new semester essentials and let me know in the comments what you guys cannot live without during the semester!

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