Sunday’s are super important to me for several reasons. It’s the only day of the week where I know I’m not working at any of my three jobs, I have the entire day to do whatever I need to do in order to fully prepare for the next week, and I can even decide to do absolutely nothing if I really feel like it or need to.

All in all, Sunday is a day where I ensure I take time to myself. That being said, I’ve started developing a few simple Sunday habits that have helped me start my week off in the best mindset possible, only setting me up for success in the upcoming week!

Plan, Plan, Plan

Okay, so I do not stop bringing up my Passion Planner, but I’m so serious when I talk about how helpful they’ve been to my everyday life! Planners of any kind make it really easy for you to write out what upcoming pages you need to read before your next class, when future assignments are due, reminding yourself to begin working on those future assignments and tracking daily habits like exercise, eating healthy, reading, and water intake!

I ALWAYS take time typically on Sunday evenings to open up my planner, reflect on the past week, write in anything I may have forgotten about and then ensure my spread for next week is up to date and ready to go. Double checking my planner on Sunday assures me I’m not going to walk into classes next week not having done the readings or assignments necessary, and reminds me to take time to myself for things I want to do!

I set time aside in my planner almost everyday (once the semester begins this can be kind of difficult to maintain) to remind myself to step away from my phone and electronics, focus on what is important right now and relax for a bit. Sometimes I’ll just take a long, hot shower and do a face mask followed by my skin care routine, other nights I might just cleanse my face and put on moisturizer and then read for half an hour before bed.

Specifically putting this slot of self care time in my planner not only reminds me to do it, but also kind of forces me to do it, too. For me, if something isn’t written down, I feel like it’s not really necessary or has to be done, but that’s just me! Writing assignment and self care reminders throughout the week while planning ensures I’m not going to get too burnt out or anxious in the middle of the week!

Do Something YOU Like Doing

A lot of times we get stuck doing things in everyday life that weren’t our idea to begin with or all in all, just doesn’t seem appealing. I think it’s so important for everyone to have some kind of creative or emotional outlet for themselves!

Maybe you’re someone who just likes to read a lot, write, exercise, make & watch YouTube videos, talk to other people, whatever! But it’s important to pinpoint what that activity is, and try to incorporate it more into your daily life! For a while I was feeling pretty bored, uninspired and pretty unmotivated. (I have been on winter break though, so.) While I’ve always been one to usually always be reading a book, I wasn’t really doing anything that I REALLY enjoyed doing, by myself.

Since starting my blog, I’ve talked to a ton of new and super nice people on Instagram who are also similar to me and overall am just a lot busier! I’m always thinking about content I could plan and create, what kind of blog posts I could write and actually writing the posts, taking content photos and creating graphics!

While I try to make Sunday a day more focused on relaxation, I’ve now planned at least one hour of time every Sunday to working on my blog and preparing content at least the upcoming week. Working on my blog causes me to stop thinking or worrying about anything currently bothering me, let’s my creativity shine and helps me feel way more productive on a Sunday! I also wanted to start using my camera more this year, and starting my blog has forced me to start taking photos again!

Overall, ensure whatever it is you do for yourself brings you enjoyment and a feeling of fullness, not stress and loneliness!

Self Care

If you’ve read any of my past blog posts, you know how big of an advocate I am for self care! My sophomore and junior years of college were probably the hardest times I’ve had to go through on my own (minus my boyfriend, since we lived together and were together basically 24/7!) so far in my life, and I really neglected the thought of self care and taking time to find productive, healthy things to channel extra time into.

During this time, I sought the help of an on-campus therapist through the counseling center, who later suggested I start seeing an on-campus psychiatrist. I had weekly meetings with both of those ladies which then turned into bi-weekly meetings once they and I felt comfortable enough. Having an outside, professional source to talk to about the anxiety, depression and possible causes of it was really helpful and liberating. Since then, both of these women suggested I needed to start using my spare time in more productive, enjoyable ways.

Here is where self care is different for everyone, which is the great thing about it! Self care for one person may be setting their weekly spending budget so they can still pay all their bills on time, or scheduling a massage and facial for someone else! Self care varies per person, per week, and day. I think it’s so important to take time to listen to what your body is telling you, and do it! If you feel restless at night, try going for a long walk or run the next day to tire yourself out! If you feel like you have a ton of thoughts burrowed inside you but you don’t know how to get them out, start a journal! If you feel like you’re too tired, possibly getting sick and shouldn’t go out to the bar that night, don’t! Spend the night in your most comfortable clothes, favorite socks and softest t-shirt and binge watch some Netflix.

(Aka what you’ll find me doing almost everyday)

For me, (minus sweatpants, napping and Netflix) I like to go on walks and hikes with my boyfriend and his dogs, sometimes even wander the trails local to where I live with my camera, reorganize my closet and try to gather clothes to donate, color in kiddie coloring books while watching a movie (no joke, five below has THE BEST selection), or just take a hot shower, do a face mask and skincare routine, read a bit and then go bed. Most importantly, listen to your body and what it wants you do so you can stay healthy, full of energy and ready to start the week on a good foot!

How do you guys get ready for the week on a Sunday? Let me know in the comments!

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