Ever since I was a sophomore in college I’ve had an on campus job! I’ve been a sound and event technician, community ambassador for student activities, an event and conferences services employee and now I’m the summer conference operations assistant for event and conference services as well as an academic building manager during the active school year!

I’ve had a ton of different experiences while working all these different jobs, each having their pros and cons. However, my experience with my on campus jobs has been much more rewarding than I could have ever imagined so I wanted to share my three main reasons why I think people should take advantage of on-campus employment during their time as college students!

Meeting SO MANY New People!

It’s unreal how many different kinds of students and adults I had to work and collaborate with during my time as an on campus employee. It can be hard and overwhelming trying to meet new people on campus! You’re employees are likely to be other students like you, so its really easy to meet new people around campus this way. I’ve worked with so many people from other backgrounds and cultures and learned so much about other people and how to work as a team with people very different from you.

I was amazed as how many people my age I was working with that came from so many different places and backgrounds, since I grew up in a small town where literally everyone is the exact same. I learned a lot about these people’s cultures and values, and more importantly how to work as a team with people so opposite from you! When I first started these jobs I was really overwhelmed and nervous but the advisor/boss I had made my experience the most worthwhile!

Great Bosses or Advisors

I can honestly say that every single on of the bosses I’ve had for my on campus jobs has been amazing! They’re really understanding that you’re a full time student with assignments and a social life, so most of the time they’re really lenient if something comes up with a shift or anything like that.

All my bosses have always ensured me that if I was ever feeling overwhelmed with school and felt like I needed to take more time for school, I should just let them know ahead of time and we would be able to work something out. All of my bosses have always been a great place to hang out or even rant to while on campus if something came up and I just wanted somewhere to hang out and talk! All in all, they’re great mentors, know a lot about professional life, are great possible future references you could use, and are just overall a great campus resource for students!

You can also make some great professional connections throughout your on campus employment, too! Working certain events and talking to certain people during your job may lead to opportunities you might have never imagined!

It’s Convenient & $$$$$!!

Everyone in college is struggling for money. Literally everyone. Even if you do happen to have some money to your name in college, it still feels like you’re broke no matter what! I’m not the type who goes out to the bars Thursday-Saturday like normal college kids so I wasn’t worrying about being able to pay for drinks or dumb stuff like that, I had to worry about paying rent, bills and buying food for myself!

Whether you are the one who likes to go out and have a budget for drinks/happy hour/greek life/ etc or just has to pay rent and bills while in school, everyone still needs and wants some extra cash in their pocket regardless!

The best thing about on-campus jobs is how convenient they are and that you’re still making some extra cash! Most people live on campus or somewhat close by so it just makes getting to your job that much easier! Plus, sometimes it works out that you can just stay on campus and work your shift before or after all your classes for the day! A lot of them are so laid back you really just end up doing your homework most of the time, which is even better because who wouldn’t want to get paid for just doing their homework?! Also, more time for Netflix binging once you get home! Most on campus jobs I’ve had also paid higher than minimum wage, and if you show you’re a good and dedicated worker, I’ve even gotten promoted within my on campus jobs!

On campus employment is a great opportunity for any student and also helps build your own resume while giving you tons of new experiences! Have any of you had an on campus job? Did you like it or hate it? Let’s chat in the comments!

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