Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, everyone always has their own opinions on this day. Personally, I’ve never minded Valentine’s Day and everything about it even throughout middle and high school when my classmates would make SUCH a huge deal out of it.

Valentine’s Day to me has the potential for the CUTEST decorations, color pallets, gift ideas, everything! Personally, I see it as a day just to show some love to everyone you care about, not just your significant other (if you have one!). There are so many different people to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, but my favorite ideas come from spending the day with your best friends! While I personally don’t really have that many girlfriends to hang out with, I know most other girls do so I wanted to share my ideas on Galentine’s Day date ideas!

1. Brunch, Brunch, Brunch it up

Because who doesn’t love brunch?! The best way to start your day with your friends would obviously be getting brunch at either your favorite spot or trying out that brand new place you’ve been hearing great things about! Brunch is a great chance to catch up with your friends, see how they’re doing and just have a good time before the day really gets going! This would also be a really fun idea if you and your friends decided to do a Secret Valentine (basically Secret Santa), swapping gifts at the table once you were seated and catching up with one another! (I’m just super extra and love gift-giving for any possible reason, so.)

2. Shopping Trip

Following up brunch with a shopping trip is only the best way to keep the day going! Hitting bargain places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx is always super exciting to me because you canf ind such great brands and products for a fraction of the price!! Bargain hunting is one of my favorite things to do and doing it with friends is only better! Being able to compare with one another what you were able to get for so little is always so fun! Of course, you don’t have to stick to bargain hunting and can venture into the mall for some more fun shopping at places like Sephora or Lush. Lush is a great place to get some self care goodies ranging from face masks, bath bombs, skincare, haircare, basically everything self care! Plus, you can smell the store like, 500 feet away so you know everything is going to smell soooo good! I always like shopping with other people too so you can get their opinions on things!

3. Zoo / Aquarium Trip!

One of my favorite things to do is to take a day trip to the zoo or aquarium! Well, I haven’t been to the zoo since the first grade, but still! While the aquarium is a bit pricey in my opinion, zoos usually offer discounted rates in the winter months since it’s colder! This is a great chance to take advantage of one of those warmer winter days, get your friends together and head out for the day to see some animals! Zoos and aquariums are always fun for everyone and offer so many great and fun photo ops!

4. Fun Night In!

This would be my personal favorite out of my ideas, just because I’m such a homebody. While everyone’s ideas of a fun night in will probably vary, this is what mine would likely consist of! Getting your friends together at home is always the most relaxing, less stressful and to me, the most fun! A night filled with classic movies, a little bit of wine (I honestly really hate drinking but I can do two glasses of wine on a night in and be content), some cute crafts and a cheese board! With wine you gotta have a cheese board (plus who doesn’t like cheese), which only helps set the mood! The best thing about this kind of night is the cute decor you can get from Target or even the dollar store which makes the night that much more fun! Obviously scoping out cute crafts to do on Pinterest is essential, and there are SO MANY possible ideas. Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot on this kind of night at all! You and your friends can even decide to split the cost of the night between each other, that way everyone is paying less for more! To me, this is the most fun, affordable and relaxing way to spend Valentine’s Day with your friends!

I know these are pretty basic and boring ideas, but I wanted to share them with you all anyway! Do you plan on spending Valentine’s Day with your friends, family or significant other? I’ll be on campus all day in classes and then working at night, so I won’t really get to do anything with my boyfriend until another date, which is a-ok with me, restaurants won’t be nearly as busy! I hope everyone has a lovely February and Valentine’s Day! ❤



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