When I first started using a Passion Planner, I knew I had finally found a great way for myself to get organized during college and stay on top of things. What I didn’t know, was how many other resources and communities lie inside the #PashFam!

I only just recently discovered how large the Passion Planner family is on Instagram – and it’s amazing! I could spend hours scrolling through feeds of other people’s weekly spreads, getting ideas for myself and discovering new things to try out myself! However, my favorite thing so far I’ve discovered through Passion Planner is all Etsy stores online that sell stickers specifically for Passion Planner compact and classic sizes!

The first sticker store I found through Instagram was Shannon, at PlanningByShannon! I came across her profile and LOVED her weekly spreads. Then I discovered she designed, printed and sold her own stickers just for Passion Planners! PLUS – she was doing an online book club – something I’ve been looking for for SO LONG! Long story short, I’ve placed so many random orders with Shannon, been subscribed to her website and make so many random comments on her posts I’m not sure how she hasn’t blocked me yet!! Hahahaha. (Thank you Shannon!! <3)

Anyway, this post is going to be about how utilizing Shannon’s stickers has completely changed how I use my Passion Planner on a weekly basis – and it’s amazing!


Meal Planning

This is something I’m terrible with. Plus, I’m always on campus and food is SO expensive since I don’t have a meal plan and I’m trying to be (somewhat) healthy. However, I wanted something that would help me plan out my meals for the week, because if I have something written down I’m going to stick to it and do it.

When Shannon listed these breakfast/lunch/dinner meal planner stickers, I knew I had to have them! I can plan out all my meals during my insane week, since each day changes for me with where I’ll be around lunch/dinner time. These make it so easy to stick to a certain type of meal plan or just ensure you know what you’re going to be eating so you don’t end up having to do something last minute.



Now that my semester is almost three weeks in, I can finally start using these! I remember Shannon asked people one night in Instagram stories if they had any suggestions for stickers and I threw out the idea of some kind of homework or study tracker. I was so excited when she listed them!! I’m really excited to be able to check/color the little box in next to the assignment once I’m done.

The satisfaction of writing it down and then marking it off motivates and almost forces me to do whatever it is I’ve written down! I always double check on Sunday to ensure I have all my assignments for the week written down to ensure I’m at least staying up to date, if not ahead of myself!

Work + Bill Trackers

Being a full-time student, having an internship, plus two other jobs, in addition to paying all your own bills – can drive anyone a bit crazy. Especially myself. So, when Shannon listed this PERFECT work schedule tracker that fits perfectly in the “good things that happened” box on the left page I was SO excited! I love having all of my hours for the week written down in one small space, rather than just on the days I’m working!


Shannon already had these bill tracker stickers up on her store before I started shopping, but I love how functional they are for any kind of bill! It’s a really easy and simpler reminder for me to pay off a chunk of my credit card each month to maintain decent credit at my young age. Plus who doesn’t love checking off or coloring in that ‘paid’ circle?! They also come in a bunch of different colors, so it’s totally up to you what color you want! I love purple and wanted it to go with my Blue Blossom compact, and it goes perfectly together!


Deco, Deco, Deco!

Last but not least for right now is all of Shannon’s critter and deco options for sale! I fell in LOVE with her critter doodles which are literally the CUTEST stickers you could find for deco. I’m serious. I’m so excited for monthly themes, holidays, anything because I never know what kind of deco or critter Shannon will come out with!

These doodles and deco stickers make using weekly spreads just so much more enjoyable, fun and cute! It makes you so excited opening up your planner to a really nice looking, cute page that you enjoy looking at and writing in!


Long story short, I’m so thankful for Passion Planner, the #PashFam and the #PBSFam! Shannon, thank YOU for making such great products, communicating so well with your customers, curating a supportive and welcoming online community, and for just being all-around awesome! I can’t wait to see what other stickers you come out with and can’t wait to place my next order, as always! Thanks so so much! ❤

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