WOW. Okay. So it has been a hot minute since I’ve been able to post a blog, and I’m so sorry! However, I was kind of expecting this because it’s my last semester of my (super) senior year, I’m working two jobs plus my internship, and plus….life. But, I’m so happy I was finally able to set some time aside to get some content back up for my blog! With that being said, I’m hoping to be more regular with posting since Spring Break is coming up in about two weeks which will give me a good amount of time to shoot and write!

With that being said, let’s dive right into my March favorites!

These are products that I’ve been using constantly recently because they’re just that great, so I figured I’d share them with all of you!


Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

I’ve tried so many cleansers in my life from random samples I would take home after a Sephora shift, to drugstore cleansers people SWORE by. But the cleanser I always tend to come back to is Fresh’s soy face cleanser. A little bit goes a long way with this stuff, which is awesome. I have the bigger size just because I use it everyday, but the travel size will last me about two months or more! Gel cleansers are me absolutely favorite since I have such dry skin, and this cleanser leaves my skin feeling insanely soft and clean! This cleanser also breaks down your full face of makeup, meaning there’s no need to use a makeup wipe before actually cleansing to ensure everything’s gone! There is calming cucumber extract within the cleanser, giving it just a tiny hint of cucumber-y smell, but this ingredient soothes and nourishes your skin! I highly recommend this cleanser to anyone because of how powerful it is and how great of a value either size bottle is!

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

So, same thing goes for moisturizers that goes for cleansers. I feel like I’ve tried everything in the book. While I do have a favorite drugstore moisturizer, this Garnier SkinActive moisturizer, my all-time has become Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing gel. It doesn’t leave you face feeling sticky or greasy, has no smell and is dermatologist tested so it won’t cause breakouts for sensitive skin! I use this morning and night but also every time before doing my makeup and applying primer because it hydrates my face so well and makes me look so much more….alive! I’ve also had the little travel size from Ulta before getting this full size, and so far I’ve been using it for almost four months! This is a great value and brand to try out if you have sensitive skin and are looking for some extra hydrated!

Lush – Breath of Fresh Air Toner

So I’ve actually been using Lush’s Eau Roma Water toner for about the last year, so I decided to go ahead and try out Breath of Fresh Air! The first time I used it I was so surprised at how refreshing for the face it really was. With ingredients like sea water, aloe vera gel and rose just one spritz leaves you feeling SO refreshed. I recently found out that using toner before moisturizer actually helps the moisturizer ‘sink’ into your skin better! While I’m not 100% sure if this is true or not, I’ve been doing it during my routine, just because! I only purchased the travel sized of this toner since it was my first time trying it out, but I’m definitely going to be purchasing the full size as soon as this one runs out!

Lush – The Kiss Lip Scrub

I actually picked up this lip scrub the same day I got the Breath of Fresh Air toner and absolutely love it! I have CONSTANTLY chapped lips in the winter months even if I’m using chapstick or Aquaphor, so I was looking for some kind of lip scrub that I could use daily that would help me out! Lo and behold, this does the trick and then some! Lush had all these lip scrubs right next to the register and at first I had bubble gum in my hand, to which I asked the employee what the differences between bumbble gum and The Kiss were. Basically, bubblegum tastes JUST LIKE bubble gum and she said that The Kiss reminded her of fruity pebbles, so I was sold! I tried this out as soon as I got home and absolutely loved it! You really don’t need a large amount, and it really does taste just like fruity pebbles! I loved this stuff before once you scrub your lips, you can just lick off the excess! I know it seems weird and I didn’t even do it the first time I used it (used a washcloth, haha!) but I was SO SHOCKED at how yummy it really was! The Kiss also has like, tiny little hearts within the pink scrub which makes it that much cuter!

Glow Recipe – Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

I actually got this product from the Beauty Insider rewards program that Sephora does. Glow recipe is vegan and cruelty free and also features the best of Korean beauty. Korean beauty is centered around a hydrated and dewy look, which I personally love! So when I read the description of this product and saw it hydrates, smooths and perfects skin overnight, I was hooked! Another great thing about this sleeping mask is that it is pillow and transfer proof, so you won’t have any reside on your bed from it! The first time I tried this mask I was SO shocked at how soft and supple my skin felt in the morning after washing it off as directed! This stuff is a bit pricey, just a 1 ounce jar is $22, but it might be a good investment as a mask to use just once a week or before special outings/events!

Bumble & Bumble – Pret-A-Powder

When I worked at Sephora and would run into the store at the very last second before I needed to clock in, I almost always used this stuff right before my shift started. I have the travel size which is only .5 ounces, and let me tell you – I was so MAD the bottle was THIS small when I got it. I really thought I paid $13 for dry shampoo just to get maybe two or three uses out of it. Boy was I WRONG. I’ve had this exact, teeny tiny bottle of pret-a-powder for over two years now. TWO YEARS. That’s insane! (This just reminded me to see if there’s an expiration date on it……….) Other dry shampoos I’ve used from the drugstore leave my hair feeling greasy and even heavier. This dry shampoo is a super fine, soft white powder that you just work into your roots at first, then down the rest of your ends. I love putting just a liiitle bit of this stuff on my hairbrush before brushing through because my hair is so thick, and my hair is fuller, has more volume and is softer! This dry shampoo has saved me so much time some days and been a serious lifesaver on morning I was running late, but this bottle is so small it’s perfect for on-the-go!

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

I have literally the worst nails/nail beds/nails in general that you’ve probably ever seen before, hence why I usually don’t have my hands out in flat lays or anything like that. I’ve bitten them since I can remember and even if I really put all of my effort into trying to stop, I can’t. I know it in part has something to do with underlying anxiety, but researchers have also found that people will bite their nails….just because! Now that I’m rambling, the point of this product is how great it is for nails! My cuticles would be huge and SUPER dry (thanks, winter) so I was looking for a product that was easy to use and would help with my cuticles. Burt’s Bees lemon butter cuticle cream is about $5 from your local drugstore or grocery store and it’s a perfect addition to any purse or backpack! I put this stuff on sitting in class, as part of my self care routine, while reading, whenever! It smells great and is so softening for your nails, I recommend this to anyone and everyone (especially since most average girls have actual pretty nails…)!

Again, my apologies for being so random with posting but I hope you bare with me and stick around nevertheless! ❤

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