Recovering from anxiety and depression is ongoing. There may never be a day where you’re like, yes! I’m free! but there will definitely be weeks, months and maybe even years where you go on with your life happily, carefree and content. Other times, you may start to feel yourself slowly losing interest in the things you like, losing your appetite and just feeling all around down in the dumps again.

If you feel like you’re beginning to become more anxious or depressed once again, it’s important to remember a few things:

You are in charge of your feelings

Nobody wants to hear this, but if you’re miserable, angry and sad all the time and don’t put any effort into changing how you feel and look upon things, you’re going to stay miserable, angry and sad. Don’t play the victim. Don’t claim that the world is against you. Don’t claim and you’re the unluckiest person you know. Don’t claim anything. Suck it up and look at your situation from an outsiders perspective, as if you were reading it in a book. What would you do if you weren’t yourself? What would you do that’s completely and 100% not like you at all? Do that. Do those things you think about constantly but at the last second say ‘never mind’. Now I’m not saying if you want to stop being depressed then just think happy thoughts, because that doesn’t work. (Talking to a therapist and discussing medications may help, though!) But what I mean is, if you want to start feeling better, you at least need to put in the effort of making yourself feel better. You can’t lie in bed all day on a nice, sunny day and debate on going for that walk. You just have to force yourself to get up and do it.

Schedule your days out

Give yourself chores, errands, leisure time, etc. in your planner for the week. Write a few things down everyday so you at least have a few things do after waking up and getting yourself together. This forces you to get out of bed and being productive. In addition, you won’t just lay in bed saying you have nothing to do when you do, in fact, have plenty of stuff to be doing! I highly recommend doing this and making it a little circle or box to color in in your planner, at least for me, coloring something in after I’ve finished it feels so good!

Give yourself a project to finish or small goal to reach

One of the things I do when I’m in a funk is try giving myself something new to try out or setting a productive (yet easily attainable, I’m not trying to stress myself out here) goal for myself. I’m talking reading a new book by the end of the month or trying out that Pinterest craft you’ve been re-pinning, or repurposing something you’ve been thinking about! A good one for a day: go through your wardrobe and compile unwanted or old clothes and go try to get some cash for them and then donate the unwanted ones! It’s a win/win! You’re helping out people in need, getting a little bit of money hopefully, and making some space in your wardrobe for more stylish pieces! I also recommend a small monthly goal like a book or a simple monthly workout schedule, so you work a little bit at it every day! You’ll feel accomplished and productive all while working towards your bigger goal!

There are so many different ways for someone to get themselves out of a funk, and it’s different for everybody! Personally, these are the things that work for me so I figured I’d share with everyone! The worst feeling is feeling yourself slip back into anxious feelings and depression, but it’s important to just talk to someone (text a friend, talk to a parent, whoever!), remember that making yourself the victim won’t help your situation and just make an effort towards helping yourself feel better.

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  1. All these tips had helped me overcome my depression. Another thing thing that helped me is when we moved houses and I had new environment, new people to meet and just new experiences.


    • That helped me, too!! Moving out of my college apartment and into my boyfriend’s mom’s house which is a ways out of the city and in the woods gave me a total change of life, scenery and things to do and experience! I totally forgot about how beneficial going new places / moving can be during these hard times! ๐Ÿ™‚

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