If you missed out on my first “5 Song That Help Ease Anxiety” post you can catch up on that, here! I split this topic in half since it would have ended up being a super long post, so here we go with part two!

This is my last semester of college and probably one of my busiest, so trying to stay sane this semester has been a bit of a challenge. However, music has always been one thing that destresses me and allows me to forget about whatever it is I’m currently thinking or stressing out about!

These songs are a few that have resonated with me or just really help me relax and think about better things than stressing myself out over likely nothing!

Bruised – Jack’s Mannequin

Okay so this is kind of a classic. I love it just as much as a I did back when I was a teenager but definitely in different ways. This is such an upbeat song when it comes around to the chorus you can’t help but dance to yourself a little. It is literally the perfect “I want to run away from this place and everyone in it” type-song. Any time I’m listening to I not only usually get inspired, it causes me to think about what things would be like if I actually did just up and leave! Even just a few minutes fantasizing will draw me back to reality and have me prepared for whatever it is I was likely avoiding. I love this one for a simple boost of energy and positive vibes!

ID (Ultra Music Festival Anthem) – Kygo

I love listening to Kygo while doing homework or trying to relax because his music is just so….relaxing! I love tropical house (so many people hate it, I don’t even care) because it makes me feel like I’m actually in a tropical place with blue water, white sand, palm trees everywhere, basically my heaven! I also love how long this song is, because I can put it on repeat while doing homework, cleaning or reading and it will usually take me a while to realize I’m listening to the same song over and over again! Overall the song is just so relaxing, yet upbeat and fun, but not overwhelming if you’re trying to get work done or study! I love this song because of how easy it makes visualizing a tropical and warm place, the best stress reliever in my opinion!

Sunrise – Norah Jones

I have loved this song so as long as I can remember. It’s so relaxing and reminds me of waking up on a quiet, sunny Sunday morning being content with life. I listened to this also while on the beach this past summer during sunrise while I was taking photos, and it also reminds me of that. Jones’ voice is so relaxing and the piano and bass are so relaxing. This is also on my study playlist because it’s overall so quiet and soothing!

Dream (Autograf’s Deep Dub) – Autograf

This was a song I actually found a Spotify pre-made playlist for studying, and I fell in love with it! It’s a decent amount of time and is just a full-on instrumental. I’ll listen to this while studying, taking notes and reading and just keep it on repeat. It’s a great song that’s super easy to zone out to!

Split Stones – Maggie Rogers

I loooove Maggie Rogers! She’s from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and I adore her different style. This song (and basically all of her music) is really relaxing and overall just really chill. Her songs remind me of wandering the woods at a young age and not needing to be home until sunset. Her music is also great studying music, in addition to relaxing!

I hope you guys enjoyed the second part of this post! I’ve definitely been listening to music and making playlists as much as I can since this semester has been so rough on me! What are ways you guys destress when life is getting the best of you?!


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