Back in November of 2015, I was followed on Instagram by this company called Sand Cloud who only had a few hundred followers, were selling beach towels and said they donated 10% of net profits to preserve marine life. I’m obsessed with the beach, thought the towels were cute and wanted to save ocean animals, so I followed back!

Sand Cloud began posting about how they were looking for ambassadors, so I sent in an application and was quickly accepted! (My ambassador code is CRoberts25 for 25% off your purchase!!)

Little did I know they would soon be on the ABC show Shark Tank, getting backed by the sharks, igniting their business. Soon there after, Sand Cloud began launching new products such as shirts, hoodies, hats and even leggings!

Sand Cloud is still actively looking for brand ambassadors today and here are three main reasons why I think you should become a Sand Cloud ambassador today!

Saving Marine Life with Great Products

My favorite part about being an ambassador for Sand Cloud is knowing that some portion of money from every one of my purchases has been going back to helping save marine life and preserve the ocean.

Sand Cloud does weekly features on their Instagram and Snapchat stories of the rehabilitation centers for ocean animals they’re donating their profits to – ensuring to customers and ambassadors that our money spent is going directly back to the animals and ocean! I love watching these updates because they’re fun, interactive and a behind-the-scenes look at marine animal rehabilitation centers!

Another great thing about Sand Cloud is how nice the products actually are! Their beach towels are made of 100% Turkish cotton, which doesn’t allow sand to stick to it and also dries SO MUCH faster than normal beach towels! Hanging this towel over your beach balcony for about two hours or so would have it completely dry, while typical towels take basically overnight and into the next day. The towels are so soft and can even be tied into scarves / beach skirts if you wanted them to!

I personally have the Mandala towel, black whale tail baseball hat, luna tie dye shirt, wanderlust tie dye long sleeve, a dolphin long sleeve, a strawberry acid wash hoodie and the black knit Sand Cloud beanie! I love ALL these products and highly recommend them to everyone!

Sand Cloud is also working towards coming out with more products geared specifically towards ocean / environment conservation. Sand Cloud is currently in the works of releasing a metal straw that comes with a reusable tie-shut bag, reusable water bottles, and reusable bags, according to their Instagram.


Meeting New People with Similar Interests

Another thing I love about Sand Cloud is the community that has formed between all the ambassadors.

The company owners created a Facebook page called Sand Cloud Marine Conservation as a place for ambassadors and fans to gather and communicate with one another. This Facebook page serves as a tool to organize beach cleanups in surrounding areas and promotional activities outside of Sand Cloud ambassador tasks.

This Facebook page makes it SO easy to find new people who live near you that are interested in helping out the environment or helping promote Sand Cloud! You’ll meet a ton of new people through this Facebook page, making it a lot easier to get in contact with people from the company such as designers and major decision makers.

Employees of Sand Cloud are often seen responding to comments and answering questions throughout this Facebook page, which also makes the page just an overall helpful resource for anyone interested in Sand Cloud and their mission!

Rewards Points + Merch Discounts

This is probably everyone’s main concern when they become an ambassador – what kind of discount they’re going to get. You’ll get two discount codes, one personal to you and one to use for yourself. The discount code for yourself is higher than your personal discount code you promote with, CRoberts25 in my case. In addition, Sand Cloud often does 50% sales where basically the entire site is half off! These sales are a great chance to stock up on the products you don’t have enough rewards points for or are a little more expensive than everything else!

As an ambassador, you have the chance to earn rewards points by doing really simple things like following Sand Cloud on Instagram, giving your birthday information, sharing specific Instagram / Facebook posts on your own profile, things like that! You also earn points with every order you place! It’s really easy for your points to quickly add up so it’s always good to check how many you have before placing your order! Using points can help pay or fully cover the cost of the product, leaving you to only pay shipping. I had enough points racked up I only had to pay about $3 for shipping to Maryland from California for the black Sand Cloud beanie when it came out!

Sand Cloud is an awesome up and coming brand that I adore! They’re in the middle of creating some great environmentally friendly products like reusable metal straws, reusable bags for groceries/errands, and so many other great things! They LOVE getting their fans involved to and really value the opinions of their followers, which is another great thing about Sand Cloud. This company really takes their time reaching out to customers who may have had a bad experience or weren’t fully satisfied. Even one time I thought I had an order lost, so I emailed them and they emailed me back within the hour with all the information I need and they were SO nice! It’s a great brand to support if you love marine life, the beach and care about preserving the oceans. Take a gander at their site and see if you like and are interested in any of the products and let me know in the comments!

Sand Cloud Towels Website

*Sand Cloud did not sponsor this post in any way nor did I recieve any additional discounts for writing this, just sharing awareness as an ambassador on what an awesome company they are!*

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