Here we go with another Passion Planner post! I’ve been using Passion Planners for about the last three years now and I love them more and more everyday! However, the main thing I love about Passion Planners and planning in general is how much it helps with my actual anxiety on a day-to-day basis and that’s for a few reasons!

  1. Planning keeps me busy

    Setting aside time everyday to write in my planner either things I need to do or just random thoughts or journaling type things gets me doing something when I’m bored or feeling anxious. Getting into my planner and journaling or planning gets me thinking about whatever it is that’s making me anxious, and also allows me to make a visual plan for myself on how I’m going to get whatever it is I’m anxious about, actually done. Making a visual success plan for yourself in your planner is so helpful to me, because it reminds me what small step I should be taking everyday to get closer to my goal!

  2. #Pashfam is the best!

    Another awesome thing about Passion Planner is the online community they’ve formed through the #Pashfam! Everyone I’ve met through Passion Planner and planning on Instagram is SO NICE, creative and encouraging! I just kind of discovered how huge the community was online about six months ago and I love it more and more everyday! Whenever I’m starting to feel anxious I love looking at other accounts for inspiration and encouragement! The very first shop with a community I stumbled upon was @planningbyshannon, and now I’m a brand rep for her! (use CASEY10 for 10% off any purchase!!! J) It’s so awesome hearing about what other people are working towards, how they’re doing towards reaching their goal and then finally celebrating with them when they reach it! Sometimes I can feel really alone but it’s awesome knowing how supportive and friendly everyone in the planning community really is!

  3. Goal setting + Journaling all in one

    Passion Planners are set up to help you create your own personal goals and curate smaller steps to take to actually reach that goal. This is done by using the Passion Planner roadmap in the beginning of your planner and then looking back each month to ensure you’re keeping up to date with your goals! In addition, there are both blank and gridded pages in the back for you to have a mini bullet journal, doodle, journal generally, whatever! I’ve never really utilized these pages until this year where I’ve begun doodling, writing down ideas for my blog, a year in pixels and just journaling in general! I carry my planner with me everywhere since I have the compact size so I pull it out all the time while I’m away from home to write an idea down, journal or make note of something. Having the blank pages in the back of the planner allows me to save carrying a completely other journal dedicated just to that – everything is all now in my planner! Being organized and knowing where my things are is super important to me, so having less things to worry about carrying and losing while on campus and going to work makes my life just that much easier!

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