Starting my internship back in January had me so incredibly nervous! While this was my last semester of school, this was only my first internship! I wanted to share things I felt were an absolute must-have during my internship experience in hopes of helping those who are still on the hunt!

Comfortable Shoes

Okay, so this is kind of obvious. But, about two weeks into my internship I got the worst blisters on the back of my heels in my life! It was terrible, to the point where I had to wear my old UGG’s in the office! (I don’t recommend this at all, but I asked my internship advisor before starting my day if it was okay since I basically….couldn’t walk in my normal dress shoes, and she laughed and said of course). My advice would be to buy at least two pairs of shoes you like and can wear with different outfits, for long periods of time without your feet killing you. Wear and break them in before you actually start, so you can know if these will work for you or not! I only have a little bit of time left at my internship so I’m toughing it out in these shoes that are too small for me, but I do regret not finding better shoes way ahead of my start date!

Portfolio of some sort

Okay, so I just think these are an absolutely necessity when you’re going on interviews but also during your work time as an intern or even for a full-time job! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my portfolio since it’s so basic (and cute!) and it holds everything I need it to and more! The one I got from Target (yippie!) was under $10, came with an elastic band to close shut, a flower on the inside aaaand lined paper to write in that can easily tear out which is perfect for meetings and taking notes! The front side being a clip board is also super great, because I take notes on loose leaf while talking to someone about an assignment right from this without even opening the portfolio up! This is a great think to pick up and keep a few copies of your resume in and is perfect to bring along to job fairs! I like portfolios so much more than just a regular folder because 1) they make you look so much more professional and 2) the clip board on the front makes it so much easier to write down someone’s info instead of scrambling through a folder! I also keep any past notes and information I may need in the pocket side, which makes my life a lot easier!


Bigger Purse / Nice Bookbag / Lunch Bag

Something that I also highly recommend investing in either a decently sized purse or a newer backpack / bag. Everyday I carry with me my portfolio, pencil/pen case, lunch bag, passion planner and my binder containing my public relations writing textbook that serves as a basic guideline / reminder about all PR related things. I never thought about how much stuff that really is before I started my internship, so I was stuck using my bookbag the whole time since the purse I use is too small. While it would probably look much more professional to use a purse, I just stuck with my bookbag instead of buying something. However, I probably would n o t use my bookbag if I was actually hired somewhere and not in school. That’s just my personal preference though, I just think a purse with a whole outfits looks more professional and put together! Another thing I invested in is a nicer lunch bag. It has plenty of room, is easy to clean on the inside and is pretty cute! It’s so easy to spot in the massive fridge at work, too! Scout bags are pretty pricey though just for a lunch bag but I know how often I’m eating on the go so I decided to spend the little extra for a Scout!


Feeling Comfortable & Able to Ask Questions

Okay so while this isn’t something you can pick up from a store, I think this is so important when it comes to having an internship, and still applies once having a job! I asked so many questions and double and triple checked things when I was starting out at my internship, but I’ve learned it showed them how attentive to detail I am and how focused I am about doing things as best as I can. Being excited to go to your internship everyday is the best and most rewarding feeling, allowing you to get the most out of your experience while you’re there!

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