Well, long time no see, friends! Apologies for being absent on my blog, but life has been far too busy to keep up with this like I’d really like to, so, sporadic posting it is! It’s been a few months now since I’ve posted my last blog so I guess this is kind of an update / things I’ve learned over the last few months where more change than I could imagine has happened! With that being said, let’s dive right on in…

Navigating Post-Grad Life
Well, this one is about as overwhelming (if not more) than anyone could imagine. The few weeks leading up to graduation flew by, graduation itself was great despite typical family members shitty attitudes (but honestly, I had prosecco at dinner so I didn’t have to think about it or deal with it so I was fine lol). While I thankfully had a job lined up for after graduation, it was only until likely mid-July or early August, so I knew I needed to find a full-time position doing SOMETHING, regardless if it had to do with what I studied or not, so I could pay my bills. Once the existential dread of that reality began settling in, I started to combat the anxious feelings by just applying to jobs and applying to jobs and applying to even more jobs. While I credit a lot of my sane-ness during this period of time to my Passion Planner and helping me plan all that work out, I cannot tell you how unsettling it feels not knowing what your next job is or where your next paycheck is coming from when you’ve got bills due in two weeks.

During my summer job I had a few interviews with places I had applied to in hopes of moving there once I was done with my first job. I talked about the job that scammed me in another blog post, so yeah that happened and wasted about three weeks of my life. Once that was done and over with, I had another interview with a staffing agency that has offices all over the East coast. Because I was weary of everything after this, I was cautious. I showed up and this building was probably the nicest building I had ever been in! The lobby was probably 10X bigger than the house I grew up in and then I had to go up to about the 28th? Or 32rd? floor for my interview. The lobby of the office overlooked the Baltimore and was all glass, so I knew this place legit. My interview took place in an office that overlooked the entire West half of Baltimore City and it was surreal. The interview went great, and the girl who interviewed me told me she would contact me if a position came across her desk she thought I would be a good fit for. Few weeks pass by, I go to the beach and the day I get back from the beach, two hours after getting home I got a phone call from the girl I interviewed with saying she has a part-time to hire position that would be great for me! I was really excited because it was a Social Media Coordinator position at a children’s museum in Baltimore, something fun and exactly what I studied and was looking for! The next day I had a phone interview set up with the museum, I called my representative from the company back after my interview and she had actually already spoken to them and wanted to bring me onto the team! And just like that I had a job paying like never before! Plus, after starting mid august, I’ve already been offered full-time from the museum!

While I realize I did get extremely lucky and I’m so thankful for the agency I found and interviewed with, it’s also possible this isn’t your path after graduation! I know some people want to further their studies and go onto getting their Masters and etc, which is awesome! Just not for me, though.

However, here are my main tips for getting through post-grad life without going insane:
– Set small daily goals. Even something tiny, like making your bed. If you’re jobless and searching, it’s easy to be tough on yourself about not feeling productive.

– Remember there are a billion other people out there doing the exact same right now. If you can’t find something you like, find something you can deal with for the time being to pay your bills and keep moving forward. Also, any job will help your resume – always just depends on your wording!

– Allow yourself to wallow in your own pity for one day but one day only. Get all your whining about having to do this and that done and over with in one day and move on afterwards.

– Do what you feel is the right path for yourself. Need extra time to finish school? Take it! Want to go for your Masters? Do it! Feel interested in something you didn’t even study? Start practicing it and building up a portfolio! Don’t feel compelled to do whatever your friends are doing and do whatever it is that will keep you motivated, positive and happy in the long run!

Post-Grad Mental Health / General Life
While I can say I have not been as nearly as anxious as I would typically be during a semester as compared to right now, I still have my off days (and everyone does!). However, I’ve tried to find some new and different hobbies since I no longer need to spend time doing homework once I get home from work now (the best feeling, honestly).

While I know it’s not really end of the year, but it’s getting colder outside and is making me think of 2019 already! With that being said, I know I definitely want to make a few changes in 2019 now that I’ve really accomplished all of the goals I had set for myself in 2018 which were to graduate, get a car and find a job I love!

Now I want to start working on myself, physically and mentally. I’m starting to really think about the kind of people I want to surround myself with, and the kind of people I don’t want to surround myself with, as I start this new chapter of my life and developing a deeper and more meaningful self confidence professionally and personally. I’ve realized I over-exhaust myself for people and I need to have more self respect and worth for myself and just put that energy into something productive and fulfilling!

With that being said, I’ve done a lot of thinking over the last few months since they’ve been full of some major change. However, I’m pretty happy and content with the person I am and am becoming, regardless of anything and anyone and that’s all that matters to me!