Hi, party people! I’m Casey, a 22 year old soon-to-be college graduate still figuring out this thing called life on a day-to-day basis. I’m working towards a career in public relations and have a huge love for writing, so I’ve decided to channel my free time into the world of blogging! I love the beach, warm weather (Maryland weather changes from day-to-day, lucky me!), fuzzy socks and lavender scented anything.

I’m brand new to the blogging world so I hope to make new connections with other bloggers similar to me! I’m still getting the hang of WordPress customization, however 🙂

Anyway, going through college, I didn’t have someone there every step of the way to help me with the confusing and adult-like things you’re confronted headfirst with while in college. How and when should I set up a credit card? What if I want to move off-campus into an apartment without a car? How can I manage having anxiety and depression while being a full-time student working three different jobs?

That’s why on my blog you’ll find posts related to everything like college life itself, weening into the adulting world in your 20’s and the importance of mental health & self care. You’ll also find a random fun post here and there such as monthly favorites, gift guides, and makeup/skincare reviews!

If I’m not making content for my blog you can probably find me reading for my book club or being a homebody and watching Netflix with my boyfriend and his dogs. That being said, I’m a huge animal lover, so doggo pics are always appreciated!

Currently watching: The Office (I know, I’m very late) & Black Mirror (attempting to start!)
Currently reading: I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson (loving so far!)

*All photos and graphics on my site are my own unless stated otherwise!*