Well, I guess I should start this off by apologizing for sort of abandoning this blog for the last few months. However, my last semester of college was so busy, great and just overwhelming for the most part so I needed to focus more on myself, work, classwork and trying to stay sane. So, with that being said, I’ve graduated! After being out of school for almost three months now, I’ve started to realize things and change some habits because well, school is no more! (At least for me – I’m not interested in getting my Masters right now)

  1. Set Small Goals
    It’s going to be really easy to feel like you’re not really working towards something if you’ve graduated and don’t have a full time job within the field you just studied for the last four or five years. What I’ve begun to do is set a few slightly larger goals than my yearly ones, and break those down into smaller goals. For instance, I wanted to be hired full time somewhere by the end of August 2018. So, I’ve set myself weekly goals of how many jobs to apply to that certain week. I can keep track of who exactly I applied to and when, and if I heard any information back from them and when. It’s also important to not just dwell on work your entire time, and focus on yourself. I’ve tried to start being at least a little bit more active because the last time I exercised was probably in high school gym class. Because I’m not really working towards some kind of fitness goal or anything like that, I just keep track of whatever physical activity I did 5/7 days of the week whether it be walking the dogs, yoga, quick mini workout, run, etc. It’ll be satisfying to see your past progress and what you’ve accomplished so far!

  2. Pick Up New Hobbies / Occupy Yourself
    Another thing I’ve realized is that now….I don’t have homework. Once I get home from work for the day, I’m done. No reading, essay drafting, texting group members to finish their part already, nada. Nothing. I started watching The Office for the first time all the way through – finished that. I watched The Staircase, Safe, and Evil Genius (all on Netflix & soooo good!!!). Now I’m stuck, and had to think of something other than planning to occupy my time because there’s only so much you can do in a compact passion planner for a weekly spread! I’ve gone to the public library, in hopes of picking up reading once again. More recently, I stopped at Michael’s and grabbed a watercolor sketchbook that I plan to use as an art journal and take with me everywhere! While I’m not a good artist, it helps me when I’m anxious and worried about random things I most likely can’t control anyway. Start a workout routine, do something different each day you normally wouldn’t do, just try something different you’re not used to. Take a new way home, even. I finally stopped at this little corner farmer market just down the street from me and it’s become my new favorite place! Cucumber for 75 cents, plants, flowers and fresh herbs in the pots, a super cute fat cat that’s always there, fresh blueberries and black raspberries, asparagus – everything! And it’s all so cheap and I know it’s supporting that local farmer / family! I have driven by this place for years now and never stopped, until one day I did and tried something new!

  3. Trust Your Gut

Something I’ve always lived by and taken seriously is my gut feeling. Time and time again I’ve proven myself right/wrong because I did/didn’t listen to my gut feeling. Well, once again I should have listened to that gut feeling. As I’m sure some of you saw, I was recently hired for a full-time position with what I thought was an advertising/promotional firm for big fortune 500 companies. They described the position to me as a training program for a few months, where I would then be promoted along the way, eventually reaching an Account Manager role, making 70-$80,000 a year. They travel frequently across the country; send team members to the Dominican Republic and meet up for team meetings / building pretty frequently. Seems allllmost too good to be true, right? Yeah. Well. It was.

Long story short: this company completely and 100% scammed me from the beginning. I’m sure you’ve heard stories about places that just want to find fresh college grads who are desperate, looking for work after graduation and are ready to commit everything they have to a job, especially one that has perks like this mentioned! I had a weird feeling about this place since my very first interview at their main office. I wasn’t sure why, but I just did. And I had kept telling my boyfriend, and my mom, that I just had an off feeling about the place for some reason but I was going to keep going through with it since it was a foot in the door somewhere.

So I go to interview number two, and was told about the decent salary after all the training, and the ‘president’ (this is in quotes because you’ll see later…oh it gets juicy y’all so keep reading!) who interviewed me the first time, met me again at a Sam’s Club (huge wholesaler like Bj’s, Costco, etc.) for the next phase of the interview. All is going normal and she walking me through the store, until we reach a set up of a girl handing out samples of this like, vitamin / fruit protein juice. All I remember was that it was your entire serving of fruit for the day in like one tablespoon of this protein juice or something. Whatever. Anyway, we get there and she’s telling me about the product, and like cool! I thought this was something we’d be doing PROMOTIONS and ADVERTISING for. K, keep that in mind. She walks me back up front and we sit down and finish the interview. She says they’ll call me tomorrow (that day being a Wednesday) and let me know if I got an offer or not. Awesome.

Fast forward and they call me saying I was one of six people out of 60 people interviewed they brought back. (I’ve never been told this before after an interview, why share the number of applicants? Idk). They offer me a position as a junior account executive and I accepted. They ask me to go to Orientation the next day, and I agree. ‘Orientation’ ended up me back talking to the ‘president’ for 15 minutes and signing some paperwork – electronically. This was when I found out I was going to be making minimum wage plus only commission. I wasn’t comfortable with this and knew this wasn’t what I was looking for, but it got worse. I still couldn’t really tell what I would be doing. I called my mom about the whole minimum wage plus commission and that’s when we both started being very weary. They have me start work that following Tuesday, so earlier this week.

I got a call on Monday from a random out of state number and randomly decided to answer. This guy answered, asked for me and said he was with the company and wanted me to meet him at a Chick-Fil-A on the corner to go over how m first day would go. Huge red flag. My boyfriend, his mom and my mom were all basically creeped out, as was I. If he was with the firm, why couldn’t we do this in the office or office lobby? (It was a huge office building, tons of space…). So, anyway, I go there. This guy was still not up front about everything and basically once I got in the office in our ‘meeting’ that’s when I realized what I had REALLY signed up for.

We were selling random products at Sam’s Club. I would be making minimum wage, and my paycheck would basically only be based off of what I sold. And if I was working with someone, my commission was split with them. I was taught ‘the five steps to a conversation’ my first 20 minutes. This was a straight up sales position. Absolutely nothing marketing or advertising related. I was so mad that I wasted my time with this place, and that they lied and scammed me.

However, I was glad I caught the ‘president’’s name before I left. Oh, I quit yesterday morning (happy fourth of july!!!!) by the way. Anyway, I got her full name and googled it, and look at the first link that came up! My ‘president’ got cited for unethical business practices! If you read the entire report from ripoff report, it gives you every single detail as to what I just went through the last four weeks of my life. I wouldn’t even be making GAS MONEY back because this place is so far from home!

I’m sharing this because I want everyone to know they’re OUT THERE and are looking for fresh and excited college grads! Don’t get your time wasted like I did, and just keep on applying to jobs. If you are going through the interview process, be very observant of the surroundings, how people are acting, everything! Another odd thing I noticed was how the receptionist was ALWAYS calling people for interviews whenever I was in the office. And my meeting was about an hour and a half on Tuesday. Another huge red flag!

But anyway, be weary, friends! I’ve been down in the dumps recently since I feel so dumb and wasted my time with something when I should have listened to my gut feeling in the first place! That being said, when you know you’re in the right workplace, you know immediately. Like my internship, which I absolutely adored! Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed my little mishap story and had a good fourth! Cheers!

Starting my internship back in January had me so incredibly nervous! While this was my last semester of school, this was only my first internship! I wanted to share things I felt were an absolute must-have during my internship experience in hopes of helping those who are still on the hunt!

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Here we go with another Passion Planner post! I’ve been using Passion Planners for about the last three years now and I love them more and more everyday! However, the main thing I love about Passion Planners and planning in general is how much it helps with my actual anxiety on a day-to-day basis and that’s for a few reasons!

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They’re something you hear about from everyone while in college and they can be a really overwhelming, stressful and scary thing to think about. However, I firmly believe that the more hands-on or real-world experience someone has in their field before graduation, the more likely they are to be leaving school with a job lined up, or with lots of professional connections!

Since the idea of internships can be so nerve-racking, I think it’s also important to intern at a place you feel comfortable in, as well as motivated! Whether you’re working for free or not, having an internship at a place you’re excited to go to, will make your experience that much more beneficial!

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You Are A Badass : How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

Let me start off by saying I’ve seen just about every blogger reading this recently, but I steered clear of their posts regarding this book because I didn’t want to know much before reading myself. (that’s just me, I’m weird, I know.) SO, now that I’ve read, I’m going to go back through and read everyone’s post about this great book!

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 6.02.25 PM

This is the first kind of self-help book I’ve read (if you would even call it that? I guess it is?) and I was shocked and how much I could relate with the author. While she’s not in her early 20’s like me, she told great stories from her life that were easily relatable, really funny at times (the loin cloth man story had me laughing out loud in the hallway before my night class! but really, how did that happen?! hahaha!) but made her lessons a lot more easier to visualize and actually apply to my own life.

This was one of the first books I’ve actually highlighted in throughout, and I would definitely let a friend borrow this, however I would immediately recommend them to get their own copy their enjoyed it because there were so many things that resonated with me throughout the book! The thing I love most about this book is that the message for every person will be different. What someone would highlight and underline in their book would probably be different than what I’ve done. And I think that’s the great thing about this book! Regardless of age, situation, whatever it is, everyone can relate to this book and the lessons within each chapter.

I Just Graduated…Now What? By Katherine Schwarzenegger

So, I’m not sure why I thought the author wasn’t related to the Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I was wrong. (duh.) That’s besides the point, though. This book contained 31 short stories from successful musicians, actresses, business owners, just about anyone you could imagine. Within each of these stories were small or huge lessons each person learned after graduating from college. Some stories definitely resonated more with me than others as a soon-to-be-graduate, but it was still really interesting to read about how these people became successful!

Short stories in this book came from from big names like Eva Longoria, John Legend, Armin Van Buuren, Serena Williams, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver (DUH..the author’s parents..)! However, some of my favorite stories in the book came from people like the founder of TOMS shoes, founder of Sprinkles cupcakes, and the founder of Philosophy. The most beneficial readings in the book in my opinion are the last three excerpts. Ben Kaufman wrote about “understandings why things succeed and fail is the best sort of learning you can do”, Joe Kakaty who wrote about dealing with college loan debit, and Dr. Dan Siegel who wrote “When Moving Home Meets Mixed Emotions”.


One central theme I found some several stories was the emphasis these people put on trying and experiencing new things, while not being the least bit afraid of failure, which I think is so important and true when trying to set yourself up for success!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend anyone in college, in their 20s or just needing some kind of pick-me-up to check out both of these books! I finished both of them in under a week on top of my crazy school and work schedule so they’re really easy, fun and quick reads! Have you read either of these books? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

If you missed out on my first “5 Song That Help Ease Anxiety” post you can catch up on that, here! I split this topic in half since it would have ended up being a super long post, so here we go with part two!

This is my last semester of college and probably one of my busiest, so trying to stay sane this semester has been a bit of a challenge. However, music has always been one thing that destresses me and allows me to forget about whatever it is I’m currently thinking or stressing out about!

These songs are a few that have resonated with me or just really help me relax and think about better things than stressing myself out over likely nothing!

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Recovering from anxiety and depression is ongoing. There may never be a day where you’re like, yes! I’m free! but there will definitely be weeks, months and maybe even years where you go on with your life happily, carefree and content. Other times, you may start to feel yourself slowly losing interest in the things you like, losing your appetite and just feeling all around down in the dumps again.

If you feel like you’re beginning to become more anxious or depressed once again, it’s important to remember a few things:

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When I first started using a Passion Planner, I knew I had finally found a great way for myself to get organized during college and stay on top of things. What I didn’t know, was how many other resources and communities lie inside the #PashFam!

I only just recently discovered how large the Passion Planner family is on Instagram – and it’s amazing! I could spend hours scrolling through feeds of other people’s weekly spreads, getting ideas for myself and discovering new things to try out myself! However, my favorite thing so far I’ve discovered through Passion Planner is all Etsy stores online that sell stickers specifically for Passion Planner compact and classic sizes!

The first sticker store I found through Instagram was Shannon, at PlanningByShannon! I came across her profile and LOVED her weekly spreads. Then I discovered she designed, printed and sold her own stickers just for Passion Planners! PLUS – she was doing an online book club – something I’ve been looking for for SO LONG! Long story short, I’ve placed so many random orders with Shannon, been subscribed to her website and make so many random comments on her posts I’m not sure how she hasn’t blocked me yet!! Hahahaha. (Thank you Shannon!! <3)

Anyway, this post is going to be about how utilizing Shannon’s stickers has completely changed how I use my Passion Planner on a weekly basis – and it’s amazing!


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This will probably be one of the more personal blog posts I’ve posted thus far, so bear with me! Something I’ve seen some people struggle with (in addition to myself) is learning to do things on their own. I don’t mean growing up and having to do adult-like things you don’t really feel like doing, I mean not having friends to go casually shopping with. Spending more time by yourself than with other people. Just not feeling that connected to people around you. Maybe you do put in the effort towards other people, but they just don’t give that same amount of effort so you’re left feeling dumb and defeated, wondering why you tried again to begin with.

I’ve been there. I’m currently there. I’ve been there the last few years. And it sucks! Scrolling through Instagram you see every other girl post cute, trendy pictures with their friends makes me wish I had that, and I know I’m not alone! Nevertheless, I’m more a less a happy person, but I wanted to write about why its important to learn to be comfortable with doing things by yourself!

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This past fall semester, I had the displeasure of being in three group projects, meaning three out of the four classes I was taking involved a long-term group project. This was my actual worst nightmare, but had no choice but to go through with everything because I needed these classes for graduation in May.

So, as expected, I had issues with group members in every single one of those said projects. I’m a pretty easy going group member, but once I approached my professor (the ultimate and final option…) with the issues at hand they each assured me my frustration was reasonable. Knowing I wasn’t just a crazy group member, here is how I dealt with the three different kinds of crummy group members I encountered last semester.

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